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  1. Is the red brick packer the bigger the package, the better

    Red brick packer is used to pack bricks in order to solve the problems of secondary labor, long-distance transportation and saving stacking yard in brick factory.

  2. What characteristics should the special plastic steel belt packing belt for brick factory have

    In addition to the portable packer, the packing belt of the packing line of the brick factory - PET plastic steel belt is also required for the packing of the brick factory.

  3. Yude code blank machine is more popular than traditional code brick

    The manufacturer of full-automatic billet stacking machine is to stack the bricks fired from the kiln on the kiln car according to the program design, and carry out active stacking, which can be stacked in multiple layers, and then launch, so as to facilitate the transportation and firing of bricks in the later stage.

  4. How to prolong the service life of brick electric packer

    Red brick packer has high requirements in the industrial product packaging industry. Brick packaging has high labor intensity and complex environment.